We offer various audits or inspections of a certain topic or issue in your company or institution:


  1. Conducting an audit with an initial company process and risk assessment;
  2. Conducting an audit without assessing the company's initial processes and risks, assessing only the audited process;
  3. Provision of consultations.
kvalitātes vadība

Quality management system

We offer a service - the creation of a quality management system in a company or institution, in production or service provision.

Provision of consultations.

Risk management

We offer a service - creation of risk management in the company.
  1. Creation of a risk management model in the company;
  2. Grouping of risks into categories;
  3. Risk assessment;
  4. Provision of consultations.

Protection of personal data

We offer a service - creation of personal data protection in the company and monitoring.

Provision of consultations.

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