The LCCI (LTRK) Vidzeme region department is organizing a series of webinars, which will include two webinars “RISK MANAGEMENT IN COMPANIES” that will take place on October 13th at 10:00 – 12:00 and “AUDIT FOR IMPROVEMENT OF COMPANY PROCESSES” will take place on October 20th at 10:00 – 12:00.

Target audience – small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, manufacturers and service providers.

  • We face various risks every day in our daily activities, for example – lack of employees or the restrictions set by the emergency situation in the country reduce the possibility to work. How to manage and reduce risks in your business and what the risks are, we will look at in this webinar – Risk management in companies.

13.10. webinar program: 

  1. Allocation of risks.
  2. Identifying risks in your companies.
  3. Identification and assessment of risks.

Registration for participation open until October 11th:


  • How we can improve our business processes so that they are more efficient, improving them and increasing the company’s well-being, we will look at in the webinar – Audit for improvement of company processes.

20.10. webinar program: 

  1. Auditor or controller.
  2. A brief overview of the risks (for those who have not heard the 1st webinar).
  3. Entrepreneurship and processes.
  4. In internal controls processes.
  5. Determining your company’s risks and processes.
  6. Evaluating your company’s internal controls.

Registration for participation open until October 18th:


  • Lecturer Anta Šulmeistere-Tupreine with 18 years of experience in conducting various audits, working with representatives of various professions and professional managers and experts. Audited areas – production, service provision, evaluation of internal controls of state institutions. Gained experience in working with European Union fund projects and their inspections.
  • Participation in webinars is free.
  • You will receive information about the connection before the seminar.
  • For more information  E-mail: valmiera@ltrk.lv | Phone: 20264530 (Baiba)